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Introducing v2 of the Dsc.gg API, A robust set of RESTful endpoints to manage links.
Get up and running in minutes, not days.

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All the features you expect, without the complexity.

We've got premade libraries for some popular languages to
make the development process even faster:


Library for Javascript,
developed by Cole#8888


Library for Python,
developed by wulf#9632


Library for Java,
developed by jae#1234


Don't see a library for your language? Click here.

//This is an example of the dsc.js library. Click here to learn more.
We also have dsc.py (Python) and dsc.java (Java) const Link = require("dsc.js"); const client = new Link.Client({ api_key: "Your API token goes here", //click here to get one version: 2 })